The Pandemic May Have Brought ‘Mom Jeans’ Back

The coronavirus pandemic has upended our lives and brought many big changes, but one of the more minor of them might be bringing “mom jeans” back. Skinny jeans have been the dominant style for the past decade, but sales during the pandemic show that mom jeans, meaning jeans that are high-waisted and loose-fitting, are being snapped up by both men and women.

Levi Strauss CEO Chip Bergh told the New York Times, “It’s very possible that we’re into a new denim cycle.” A CNBC story on the trend says that it’s younger people, especially those in Gen Z, who are driving the change, with “mom jeans” ranking as the Number 3 fashion trend in an industry teen survey. Bergh said, “I think the pandemic definitely played a contributing role to consumers looking for a more comfortable, more relaxing denim.” (Newser)