Conversation Starters While Standing in Line for the Vaccine

Even though people who have to stand in lines waiting for a Covid vaccine are six feet apart, they still like to chat.  Here are The Top Conversation Starters While Standing in Line for the Vaccine.


  • Is this your first time getting microchipped?
  • Wanna go get a cup of coffee so I can see what the other half of your face looks like?
  • When we’re done, want to take turns rubbing each other’s shoulders?
  • Are you Team Godzilla or Team Kong?
  • Since we’re gonna be here at least 45 minutes, would you like to hear about my air fryer?
  • Do you think if I tip extra the nurse will spank me?
  • I vomit blood and lose bowel control at the sight of needles.  You?
  • Joke’s on them. . . I already have a fever and chills.
  • Between you and me, after the fourth shot, you get X-ray vision.
  • Why are you here?  Because based on your physical appearance, I’d think you’d pray for the sweet release of death.