Things You Said That Made You Immediately Realize “Dang, I’m Old!”

You might not think you’re old, but sometimes when you talk, it may tell a different story.  Here are The Top Things You Said that Made You Immediately Realize “Dang, I’m OLD!”


  • Tom Selleck’s right.  A reverse mortgage IS for me.
  • The rap was better in my day because they used real instruments!
  • So the CD is the one that plays music and the DVD is movies, right?
  • Yes, I’d like to make a dinner reservation for 4:45.
  • Know what I love the most about this shirt?  The pocket.
  • I don’t know what Venmo is, can you take a check?
  • C’mon man, you know that’s a bunch of malarkey!
  • Do you have this car in beige?
  • Sorry, I’m not weighing in on the election ’til I hear who Chuck Norris is endorsing.
  • Just a regular cup of coffee please.