The Person Most Likely to Bully Your Kid Is One of Their Own Friends

A recent study at Penn State looked at bullying in schools.  Specifically, who your kid is most likely to be bullied by.  And the answer is . . . usually their own FRIENDS.

Researchers asked 3,000 kids about recent run-ins with bullies.  Then they checked back in with them every year for five years straight. And the people who bullied them the most were their friends, or friends-of-friends.  It was much less common to be bullied by kids they didn’t know, or barely knew.

It happens because they’re around each other a lot.  And even friends can be pretty mean at that age if they’re competing over things like grades, or someone’s attention.

A lot of parents might not know it’s happening.  And kids might not even realize a “friend” can bully you.  So the people behind the study hope it helps kids realize they’re not alone, and it’s okay to talk about it if you’re being bullied by a friend.

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