Getting Covid-19 News From TV, Social Media Leaves You Less Informed

The coronavirus pandemic has dominated the news over the last year, but where you get your news about it could affect how correct the information is that you get. Penn State researchers found that people who trust TV and social media for their Covid-19 news had less correct information, and the least knowledgeable were those who rely  on Facebook as their main source or even just an additional source.

The researchers surveyed nearly 6,000 Pennsylvania residents between March 25th and 31st and 2020, two weeks after a global pandemic was declared. They found that those who trusted government health websites the most for their news about the pandemic were the most knowledgeable. Those who trusted TV were less likely to have the right information, and Facebook users were even less likely to have correct info.

As for who they trust for pandemic-related news, 42.8 percent cited government websites, 27.2 percent said they trust television the most, and health system communications were third at 9.3 percent. (Studyfinds)