Americans Can’t Decide What To Eat

The average American couple spends 132 hours a year – 5 and a half days – deciding what to eat. A mobile app company called Seated surveyed 2,000 people in a committed relationship. The results:

– 37 percent of couples regularly have a hard time agreeing on what to eat.

– The “what do you want to eat?” question is asked 365 times a year, resulting in two hours and 32 minutes a week of negotiating on what type of meal to eat.

– Dinner is the most controversial meal time. 46 percent of survey respondents say that’s the meal they debate about the most.

– When they can’t come to an agreement, men are the more likely to settle for whatever their partner wants.

– 24 percent said they regularly find themselves trapped in food purgatory as their partner seemingly takes forever to decide what they want.