Google Your Symptoms?

Google has turned us all into amateur doctors . . . and maybe also professional hypochondriacs.  Which is why we always thought it was a bad idea for people to try to diagnose themselves.

 But maybe it’s not…

  According to a new study out of Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, it’s not such a bad thing for people to Google their own symptoms . . . because we do a pretty good job on the diagnosis.

  And that means we usually find out that we’re not dealing with the worst-case scenario . . . like, you probably have a cold, not bronchial super cancer . . . and it helps us with our anxiety.

  But the doctors behind the study did say this won’t be true for everyone.  So if you know you tend to be a worst-case scenario type of person . . . maybe avoid running to Google every time you have a sniffle.  (Study Finds)