Signs You May Need a New Doctor

Today is National Doctors’ Day.  Unfortunately, not all doctors deserve to be honored.  Here are The Top Signs You May Need a New Doctor.


  • Your insurance stopped covering voodoo practitioners.
  • You don’t like your current doctor’s philosophy of prostate checks every six DAYS.
  • The diploma on his wall is from “Hospital College.”
  • She watches “The Good Doctor”.  And does the opposite.
  • He’s known in the medical community as “Dr. Stiffy Pills.”
  • She says the results of your urine samples were “Delicious.”
  • His office has a large blood lab . . . and an even bigger meth lab.
  • It’s been awkward ever since you walked in on him and the anatomy skeleton. 
  • He can’t complete your physical because he’s overwhelmed by the sheer majesty of your testicles.
  • He enters the exam room wearing his stethoscope . . . and nothing else.