Have You Tried to Talk on Zoom While Muted?

The pandemic has created a whole new subset of “little things” we all have in common.  Like this . . .

Have you ever started talking on Zoom . . . and then realized you were on mute? Almost HALF of people who’ve done a video call now say it’s happened to them.

47% said yes . . . 50% said no . . . and 3% aren’t sure.

Men and women were just as likely to say it’s happened.  But age is a factor . . . with young people MORE likely to say it’s happened to them.

Only 23% of people over 65 who video chat say they’ve accidentally talked while they were on mute.   That’s compared to 65% of people under 25.  But obviously young people video chat a lot more, so there’s more opportunity. All other age groups are around 50%.