Reasons You Should Quit Social Media

Chrissy Teigen just quit Twitter because it served her negatively.  So let’s add that to this list of The Top Reasons You Should Quit Social Media.


  • Your kids miss you.  According to the message they just sent you on Facebook.
  • You’re 45 and use the words “Stan,” “Fam,” “Glow up,” and “Clap back.”
  • You no longer comprehend in-person conversation without the help of emojis.
  • Do you really want a guy who looks like Mark Zuckerberg knowing where you are at all times?
  • Food photos aren’t exciting when you only eat ramen.
  • If you need Facebook to tell you when someone’s birthday is, are they even someone you should bother wishing a happy birthday?
  • There’s no point in looking at girls you can’t have . . . on top of the girls you can’t have in real life.
  • You just posted a photo on Instagram of you posting a photo on Instagram.
  • You need to limit things that depress you to your sex life.
  • Your only post that anyone ever “likes” is your threat to quit social media.
  • Your cat can’t play the piano.