‘Game Of Thrones’ Study Shows Why People Identify With Fictional Characters

Researchers think they’ve figured out why fiction can so strongly affect a person’s reality.

Ohio State University researchers looked at the brains of self-described fans of “Game of Thrones.” They found some people were very good at identifying with fictional characters, especially those they most admired or whom they felt closest to. Researcher Timothy Broom explains, “They’re really internalizing the experiences of those characters, because they are experiencing the story from that perspective.”

Nancy Mramor, a media psychologist, adds, “I caution viewers to view mindfully so that they are aware of their biological and emotional responses to anything or any hero they view, whether it is in the news or a crime show. Know when to engage and when to step back and watch from a distance, especially if your favorite character is on an emotional roller coaster and is taking you with them.” (UPI)