Woke TV Shows

“Wokeism” seems to be gaining momentum every day and Hollywood is responding with new programing.  Here are The Top Woke TV Shows.


  • “Curb Your Toxic Masculinity”
  • “Grey’s Gender-Fluid Anatomy”
  • “Pretty Little Gaslighters”
  • “Canceling with the Stars”
  • “This is Us/We/They”
  • “Consensual Sex and the City”
  • “Two and a Half Cisgender Men”
  • “Who’s the Boss? No One!”
  • “Watchmen . . . Make More Than Women Who Do the Same Work”
  • “Sabrina the Teenage Pansexual”
  • “How I Culturally Appropriated Your Mother”
  • “I Don’t Know if Orange Is the New Black Because I Don’t See Color”
  • “The Slut-Shamed Housewives of Beverly Hills”
  • “Defund the Miami Vice”
  • “Dr. Bias Popper”
  • “Two Woke Girls”