Cocktail Fun Facts

Today is National Cocktail Day, so please enjoy this list of The Top Cocktail Fun Facts.


  • If Armie Hammer or Bill Cosby hands you one, you shouldn’t drink it.
  • A cocktail named “The Cuomo” contains so much alcohol it reaches out and grabs you.
  • You’ve definitely broken at least one bottle of booze trying to be like Tom Cruise in that ’80s movie.
  • David Hasselhoff was introduced to cocktails as a kid . . . by playing the game, Duck, Duck, Grey Goose.
  • The Harvey Wallbanger is named after one of the first men to land on the national sex offender list.
  • The olives in a martini and the celery in a Blood Mary is the closest many Americans ever come to a vegetable.
  • There’s a World Cocktail Competition, but no one ever remembers who the winner was.
  • Nutmeg and basil are trendy garnishes that say, “This vodka soda cost $18!”
  • Aging rum in a barrel makes for a nice drink after a long day of pillaging sea villages.