Reasons It’s Cool to Be an Introvert

This is National Introverts Week.  Learn some of the advantages our quiet friends have from this list of The Top Reasons It’s Cool to Be an Introvert.


  • You’ll be the world’s most popular Uber driver.
  • Before they realize you’re just a socially anxious bore, people think you’re all mysterious and cool.
  • You’d never get fired by Ellen DeGeneres for making eye contact.
  • Drivers who cut you off receive a harshly-worded journal entry.
  • You actually accomplish things because you spend zero time posting selfies on social media.
  • You get your fill of social interaction on the Peloton.
  • Looking down to avoid eye contact, you learn a lot about footwear.
  • You never worry about friends talking behind your back since you don’t have any.
  • You’re actually MORE comfortable in a mask.
  • You can sneak out of the building quietly while Capitol Police arrest that howling goon wearing the body paint and the bison head.
  • If you never go out, you greatly reduce your chances of getting groped by Andrew Cuomo.
  • Nobody wastes time signing your yearbook with phrases like “I LOVE your personality!”
  • You tend to form deeper relationships.  With books.