Half of Us Are Embarrassed to Order Our Favorite Drink at the Bar

A new survey found HALF of drinkers sometimes feel too embarrassed to order their favorite drink at a bar.

  Beer and wine drinkers are the most likely to feel judged.  Cocktail fans don’t care as much, maybe because cocktails seem classier. 

  Here are the top five things we factor in when ordering a drink . . .

  1.  How much does it cost, and is it worth the price?

  2.  How much alcohol is in it?  So something like a Long Island Iced Tea might be worth it if it’s loaded with booze.

  3.  What are the ingredients?  And is there anything in there you don’t like?

  4.  What will the bartender think?  The survey found we actually care more about the bartender’s opinion than what our friends think.

  5.  How many calories does it have?