Redneck Google Searches

 Google searches vary throughout the country, especially in many rural areas.  Find out what some of them are on this list of The Top Redneck Google Searches.


  • Correct thumb placement:  Behind the overalls or in the belt loops?
  • Does Larry the Cable Guy also install Wi-Fi?
  • Varmint grillin’ tips.
  • How ole is the Grand Ole Opry?
  • Spittoons that spark joy.
  • How many people can fit inside Trace Adkins’ hat?
  • Best place in town to steal copper wire.
  • How to feed a mullet.
  • Best teeth to pull for an opioid prescription.
  • Bathroom meth labs in a Walmart near me.
  • Classier place to honeymoon:  Dollywood or Graceland?
  • Where to buy Truck Nutz for a personal mobility scooter.
  • Do I call her a “sister-wife” or “wife-sister?”