Post-Lockdown Life Won’t Be As Rosy As You Think

If you think post-lockdown life is going to be sweet, you might not want to get your hopes up too high.

Dr. Lora Bourke is principal lecturer in psychology at Liverpool Hope University, and says when restrictions are lifted things won’t necessarily be rosy. She explains that friendship groups are likely to have shifted dramatically, leading to new tensions when groups meet up again. There’s also the potential for family fights to be reignited, as well as the realization that returning to the workplace is quite a mundane experience.

Bourke says, “If your life wasn’t making you happy before the pandemic, the same complex troubles and concerns will be there once more when restrictions are lifted. For me the danger is in mentally building an imaginary, post-pandemic false utopia.” She adds, “Whenever there’s a crisis, there’s usually a reassessment of re-evaluation of values and beliefs. We’ve all been forced into thinking about what really matters to us. We’ll likely see big shifts in these values and beliefs across a number of areas.” (Daily Mail