The Price Of Happiness

Happiness does come with a price, and it’s pretty high in the U.S.

Purdue University researchers found that you’ll need to make $105,000, or nearly $36,000 more than the country’s median household income, to be happy. The scientists say this is the amount of money it takes to reach the state where increases in income no longer produce meaningful benefits to happiness.

The good news is that happiness doesn’t require obscene wealth, but the bad news is that in a lot of “happy” countries, you need to be doing better than average when it comes to your income. They found that happiness costs the most in New York City ($139,183), Honolulu, and Bern, Switzerland. The least-expensive places to find happiness are Panama, Antigua, Costa Rica, and Mexico, each has a happiness index between roughly $16,000 and $38,000. In Europe, Portugal has the lowest happiness index at under $70,000. (InsideHook)