Is Air Frying Food Healthy, Or Are We Just Fooling Ourselves?

Fried food is sure to get your mouth watering, but has also been proven to increase one’s risk of developing heart disease. Enter the air fryer—which can make various foods taste as if they’ve been deep fried.

Registered Dietitian (RDN) Bansari Acharya says of air frying, “[it’s] one of the best ways to get the same texture and taste of fried foods without the unhealthiness that comes alone with them. It preserves the nutrients in the food items, as it doesn’t expose it to hot oils. It also reduces that amount of trans and saturated fats in foods, reducing the risk for heart disease.” The experts say you should also air fry using a minimal amount of excess oil, just enough so food doesn’t stick.

RDN Gisela Bouvier adds, “We need fat in our diet for hormone regulation, for energy and many other reasons.” Another thing to be aware of is that certain foods can actually get more nutrient dense when air fried (sweet potatoes, yams, corn, beans and legumes) while other foods can become less nourishing when they’re air fried (meats and cheeses.) (Yahoo)