Things Your Coffee Mug Should Say

Sayings and slogans written on coffee mugs are generally pretty lame.  But alternatives are available.  Here are The Top Things Your Coffee Mug Should Say.


  • If This Mug Is Empty, I’m in the Bathroom.
  • I Believe a Saying on a Cup Will Make Me Interesting to People.
  • This Mug Was Given to Me by Someone Who Doesn’t Know Jack About Gift Buying.
  • Don’t Ask Me Why, but Keep Flames Away From this Cup.
  • I Hate Mondays.  And Every Other Day of the Week.  Because Life Sucks and We’re All Gonna Die Alone.
  • I Was Harassed by Andrew Cuomo and All I Got Was this Stupid Mug.
  • World’s Okay-est Boss.
  • This Contains MY Stimulus Plan.
  • Too Poor for Starbucks.