Barbie Tweets

Even though she’s busy with today being National Barbie Day, Barbie had time to get on Twitter.   Here are The Top Barbie Tweets.


  • Quit crying, Mrs. Potato Head . . . I haven’t had a vagina since 1959!
  • What to wear today:  form-fitting crop top with tiny plastic shoes?  Or other form-fitting crop top with tiny plastic shoes?
  • My first Black friend was introduced within 10 years.  So take that, “Bachelor”!
  • I’ve had 200 different jobs, and yet I never have trouble getting hired.  Is it my chest or what?
  • I still contain less plastic than Kris Jenner.
  • Every time I see G.I. Joe walking around with that huge rifle, all I can think is, “Compensating much?”
  • @mattel if this is my “dream house,” why is it missing a back half?
  • Check out my OnlyFans!  Link in bio.