Selfie Study

A new study by PLOS reveals that men and women prefer different angles when posting selfies on social media. Behavioral researchers studied 2,000 selfies before concluding that women prefer taking Instagram pictures from high angles while men prefer snapping Instagram selfies from the front. Neither men nor women are likely to take Instagram selfies from low angles.

The results are drastically different when studying Tinder. Women are more likely to snap Tinder selfies from the front while men tend to take Tinder pictures from low angles.

Lead researcher Alessandro Soranzo says, “We all generally look better when we take selfies from the top left angle of our face. However, my research also showed that males using dating sites generally took selfies placing the camera slightly below their head, but still showing part of their left cheek. This may be for various reasons, one of them being to seem taller and more confident to others on the said dating site.”