New Texas Tourism Slogan Pitches

Now that the Governor of Texas dropped the facemask mandate and says the state is 100% open, Texas wants you to visit.  Hear some of their ideas on this list of The Top New Texas Tourism Slogan Pitches.


  • Texas:  Someday We’ll Have Water and Electricity!
  • Texas:  Come for the Fun.  Stay Because You Gave Someone a Funny Look at Waffle House and Got Shot.
  • Come to Texas . . . But Bring a Generator Just in Case.
  • Don’t Worry, We’re Talking Ted Cruz into Shaving that Beard.
  • Everything’s Bigger in Texas!  Especially Our Hatred of Science!
  • The Only Thing Bigger than Our Egos are Our Belt Buckles.
  • Come Visit Texas . . . Even if All Your Exes Live Here.
  • We’re Off the Grid and Out of Our Minds.
  • More Unironic Mullets Than You Can Shake a Stick At.
  • Texas:  Open for Business!  But Only Businesses that Sell Guns, Bolo Ties, or Giant Hats.
  • Come for the Barbecue . . . and Stay Because You’ve Been Hospitalized with Covid.