Has the Pandemic Damaged the ‘Art of Conversation’?

All the isolating that we’ve been doing for the past year because of the pandemic has affected our ability to communicate with each other, according to results of a new OnePoll survey. Among respondents, 62 percent said the pandemic has damaged the, quote, “art of conversation.”

Three-quarters put some blame on masks, saying they can’t understand what people are saying with a mask on, and 57 percent said it’s significantly harder to have a substantial conversation over the phone or via video chat. Over 70 percent said they’re most looking forward to speaking with family and friends in-person once the pandemic is over.

The survey, done for Eargo in celebration of World Hearing Day, also asked about the sounds people miss during the pandemic. The answers included: 38 percent want to hear live music; 35 percent want to hear surround sound at the movies; 28 percent miss live chants at sporting events; and 24 percent miss the sound of their kids of grandkids playing in person. (StudyFinds)