Things You Don’t Want to Hear from Your Boss

A former assistant to Governor Andrew Cuomo claims that he asked her if she ever has sex with older men.  We can definitely add that question to this list of The Top Things You Don’t Want to Hear from Your Boss.


  • We’re not laying you off because of Covid, we’re laying you off because you suck at this.
  • Hey, call our security company.  The cameras inside the women’s restroom aren’t working.
  • No, you can’t use your sick days for Covid, it’s a liberal hoax!
  • From now on, every Friday is Dress Like a “Bridgerton” Character Day!
  • I want you to keep working from home.  Every day.  Without pay.  And not for me.
  • Forget Taco Tuesday.  We’re having Fungal Friday.
  • Before I forget, here’s a flier to my one-man-show.
  • Check out this photo of me storming the Capitol!
  • Someone from the FBI is going to ask you if you embezzled $400,000.  If you say yes, there’s money waiting when you get out of prison.
  • Man, your wife is a good kisser!