Anxiety About the Future is Causing Us to Lose Sleep

A lot of Americans are having trouble sleeping, and a big reason is because of their anxiety about the future. In a new poll of 2,000 Americans, 62 percent said they struggle to fall asleep, and of those, 41 percent said it’s due to anxiety about the next day.

Other reasons given in the OnePoll survey included replaying the day’s events, named by 37 percent, being too hot or cold, named by 31 percent, and having too much caffeine earlier in the day, cited by 28 percent, as well as things like feeling uncomfortable, being itchy, a fear of nightmares, and being kept up by their dog or cat. Once people are asleep, they’re having more stress-related dreams, with half reporting more of those types of dreams this year than ever before.

When asked the source of the dreams, an equal number named the pandemic and money problems, with events earlier in the day also ranking high. Respondents shared some of the things they do to fall asleep and stay asleep, including having a little wine, aromatherapy, reading, using a nasal rinse, watching boring documentaries, and finding a way to get comfortable. (People)