The Best Things About Being a Millennial

 Millennials are not shy about saying they are the best generation.  Find out what makes them so arrogant with this list of The Best Things About Being a Millennial.


  • That stack of unpaid student loans makes a great coffee table.
  • You recognize almost 13% of the bands playing Coachella.
  • It’s not embarrassing to shop at a thrift store like it was for your parents.
  • You can tweet an Instagram about your Snapchat streak with a Facebook friend.
  • People never ask what’s on your Spotify playlist since they know it’s Florence and the Machine.
  • You get to feel like you’re “adulting” just for making your own dental appointment.
  • Your peers think you’re intellectual when you drop an appropriately-timed “SpongeBob” quote.
  • You’re not afraid to eat food out of a truck.
  • Pretending you’re doing something because you hate it and you’re being ironic allows you to do it without people looking down on you.
  • You own a different color Apple Watch band for every day of the week.
  • When Gen Z calls you old, you just tell them they’re canceled for age-shaming. 
  • Experts agree there’s nothing better for your mental health than spending every waking second seeking validation.
  • You have a lucrative side hustle teaching boomers how to send an email.
  • You’ll soon be able to wear your Juicy Couture sweats again when the kids start wearing them ironically.