The Most Popular Names Among Influencers

Do you have a common influencer name? looked through more than 500 influencer profiles on Instagram to find out what the most popular names are among them. The top five female names they found were: Hannah, Chloe, Sophie, Sarah, and Rebecca. Hannah and Chloe were the most common, with 50 influencer profiles associated with each time. However, neither name commands the highest number of Instagram followers on average.

The names Sophia, Sarah, and Rebecca all tied with 40 influencer accounts associated with each. Influencers with the name Rebecca were most followed overall with 5.58 million Instagram followers on average, followed by Sophie with 3.38 million followers on average, while Sarah had 1.79 million followers on average.

For boys, the top names among influencers were Jamie, Jack, Eric, James, and Wayne. Jamie was most common, but didn’t command the highest following on Instagram.