Margarita Fun “Facts”

With today being National Margarita Day, we’d like to share this list of The Top Margarita Fun Facts.


  • Its exact origin can’t be pinned down . . . sort of like Vin Diesel.
  • Using premium tequila isn’t for everyone.  It’s for people who can afford an $18 cocktail.
  • Jimmy Buffett did not waste away in Margaritaville.  If anything he got a little chubbier since he first visited.
  • “Margarita” is Spanish for “Daisy,” and English for “Vomit.”
  • If you swig tequila from the bottle, you’re “trashy.”  But if you drink 10 Margaritas, you’re “festive.”
  • Salt on the rim was designed to be a speed bump for alcoholic moms.
  • Ted Cruz was SO close to a week of drinking them on a beach in Mexico.  Curse you, social media!
  • The most popular movie about margaritas?  “Tequila Mockingbird”.
  • All you need to make a margarita is tequila, lemon juice, and a quiet corner in which to vomit.
  • If they didn’t exist, a lot of guys would go home from bars alone.