‘Post-Traumatic Growth’

Being stuck in lockdown wasn’t the best for everyone, but a new study out Britain shows that some people have actually come away from lockdowns with “post-traumatic growth.” Lead study researcher Dr. Paul Stallard explains, “Many respondents in our study emphasized what we had heard anecdotally about some of the positive effects people have derived from leading their lives in quieter, slower ways because of lockdowns. These are important findings.”

The growth includes positive changes in attitudes to new restrictions and expectations, reconsideration of what’s really important in life, and adoption of a better work/life balance. Study co-author Dr. Ana Pereira adds, “It is important, especially in these moments of high adversity, to find meaning and purpose in these experiences.” Other good things people reported experiencing as a result of lockdown: growth in family relationships, spiritual growth, a greater appreciation for life, and discovering and embracing new opportunities and possibilities. (Fox