Americans Plan to Focus More on Health/Happiness Than Career After Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a shift in priorities for a majority of Americans, according to a new poll that found people say they’re planning to focus more on health and happiness instead of career and success after the pandemic. The OnePoll survey found that 68 percent said they’re emerging from the pandemic with a new attitude, with seven in 10 saying they plan to live each day to the fullest and 71 percent saying they value the little things in life now more than ever. 

Among the concrete changes Americans are making, 45 percent are speaking to their families more, 43 percent are speaking their minds more truthfully, 42 percent are planning to take more vacation time when it’s safe to do so, and 40 percent plan to be more confident and express themselves creatively. The poll showed two life milestones are less of a priority, with marriage down 11 percent and achieving a successful career down five percent. (Studyfinds)