Block These Eight Emojis on Instagram to Shield Yourself from Creeps

 Not everyone who follows you on social media is someone you want to interact with.  Especially if you’re a woman.  So this might be useful . . .


 If you want to shield yourself from the CREEPS on Instagram, blocking just eight emojis could help. Instagram has a feature that lets you block comments with certain words and emojis in them.  And a woman who tried it says it purged 90% of the unwanted comments she used to get.


 The eight emojis you should block are:  The eggplant . . . the peach . . . the splashing sweat emoji . . . the mouth emoji . . . three different smiley faces with their tongue hanging out . . . and the drooling smiley face emoji. To do it, just hit the Menu button, then Settings . . . Privacy . . . Comments . . . and find the option that says “Manual Filter.”


There’s also an option in there called “Hide Offensive Comments” that automatically blocks anything Instagram’s algorithm sees as offensive.  (Boing Boing)