Things You Might Not Know About the White House

Since we have new tenants living in the White House, it’s a good time to check out this list of The Top Things You Might Not Know About the White House.


  • The first president to live in it was John Adams.  The first president to LIVE IT UP in it was JFK.
  • It has been appraised at $400 million.  Which sounds pricey, but remember:  it has granite countertops.
  • Presidents and their families have to pay for everything except rent.  They do it by selling pardons.
  • Joe Biden holds the record for most times getting lost in it.
  • George Washington never lived in it.  Which explains why he accomplished so much:  he stayed in a Holiday Inn Express. 
  • Under Trump, the White House chef duties consisted of ordering McDonald’s and KFC via Grubhub.
  • The staff only has five hours to move one president out and another in.  Even worse, this year they also had to scrub that orange ring from the tub.
  • It’s a proud presidential tradition to spend your lunch break checking out the Clinton-era nudie mags hidden under the fake floorboard in the Oval Office.