Easy Diet Tips

Prevention Magazine offered a few diet tips they claim are so easy, “Anyone can do them!”

• Add just one fruit or veggie serving daily. Get comfortable with that, then add an extra serving until you reach 8 to 10 a day.

• Eat at least two servings of a fruit or veggie at every meal.

• Make sure your plate is half veggies and/or fruit at both lunch and dinner.

• Resolve never to supersize

• Start eating a big breakfast. It helps you eat fewer total calories throughout the day.

• Eating out or carry-out? Halve it and bag the rest. A typical restaurant entree has 1,000 to 2,000 calories, not counting the bread, appetizer, beverage, and dessert.

• Use a salad plate instead of a dinner plate.

• Juice has as many calories as soda does

• Keep a food journal. It really works

• If you drink, only consume alcohol on the weekends