Fascinating “Facts” About Past Inaugurations

In honor of today being Inauguration Day, please enjoy this list of The Top Fascinating Facts About Past Inaugurations.


  • Ronald Reagan was flown to the stage by an eagle with a tattoo of Betty White on its chest.
  • John Quincy Adams was the first president to wear long pants to his inauguration.  Before that, the standard attire was board shorts and a tank top.
  • George Washington was too broke to attend his inauguration.  Because back then, being a ponytail model didn’t pay well.
  • The first inaugural balls were held by James Madison.  Oh, grow up!
  • During his inauguration, Theodore Roosevelt wore one of Abraham Lincoln’s rings.  On his nipple.
  • Surprisingly, the ceremonial Bible has only burst into flames twice.
  • After JFK was assassinated, Lyndon Johnson was sworn in on an airplane.  Which is way less fun than Kennedy’s Mile High Club story.