The Most Annoying Things That Happen on Zoom?

Have you ever screenshotted someone’s funny facial expression when their video froze on Zoom?  A new survey found one in seven people who work from home have done it.

  The most common facial expressions we screenshot are when someone’s yawning . . . eating . . . and rolling their eyes.  But a frozen video is only the third most annoying thing that happens on Zoom.  Here are the top ten . . .

 1.  When everyone tries to talk at the same time.

2.  You can’t hear someone, but don’t want to ask them to repeat it again.

3.  When your video freezes.

4.  Talking for a while, and then realizing you’re on mute.  Talking when you THINK you’re on mute also sucks.

5.  With big calls, not being able to see everyone on the screen at once.

6.  Not knowing when to jump into the conversation.

7.  Dealing with microphone issues.

8.  Struggling to share your screen.

9.  When Zoom crashes, and you have to log back in.

10.  Getting kicked off after 40 minutes.