How and Why to Take a Break From the News

In order to do care for ourselves well, we would benefit from considering our media intake and making a plan for taking breaks throughout this week. Here are some ideas to that end:

1.   Establish a self-check norm and set limits on access to media.

2.   Set specific times to take breaks and stick to them.

3.   At least once a day, commit to stepping away from all media.

4.   Find, invest in, and have on hand things/ideas/activities to engage with when stepping away from media.

5.   Get perspective. The news is going to be constantly changing in the next few weeks. Taking 30 minutes away from all updates and devices may mean we miss something but it doesn’t, necessarily, put us at risk. In fact, consistent times away from media will actually help us be able to synthesize new information (when we return) and give us the resources we need to stay emotionally regulated while doing so.