People Are Paying Celebrities To Break Up With Their Partners Via Cameo

2020 was a weird year for many things—including breakups.

Apparently, people have been turning to the service Cameo to pay celebrities to dump their significant others for them. The New York Times reports Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath has become a popular choice for Cameo users looking to pass their breakup responsibilities onto a celebrity. He told the paper he’s delivered 15 Cameo breakups, but he says he rejects the role as the “face of breakup Cameo.” And adds, “I’m doing these Cameos for fun! I wouldn’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings.”

But not all celebrities on the platform share that feeling—Matthew Perry has made it clear he’ll deliver “any kind of messages”, while Donald Trump impressionist J-L Cauvin says he’s still hoping to get a divorce request before President Donald Trump leaves office.