Things that Suck Almost as Much as Mondays

Most of us don’t have much love for Mondays.  But Mondays have some company.  Here are The Top Things that Suck Almost as Much as Mondays.


  • When it’s your wife’s turn to pick movie night.  And she squeals, “‘Cats’!”
  • You invested your life savings into Quibi.
  • Nobody attended the grand opening of your lockdown speakeasy.
  • Fridays . . . when you have a herpes flare-up while you’re getting ready to go out.
  • Your grandparents deciding to celebrate their anniversary by sharing the story of how they lost their virginity.
  • Tom Brady still winning.
  • People who won’t shut up about how much they saved refinancing.
  • Steelers losing to the Browns in the Playoffs