Eliminating Fear Involves Learning These 7 Skills

1. Learn to trust yourself-trust that you will make good decisions, research and learn what you need and if you make a mistake you can correct it. 

2. Take ownership of your life-Taking purposeful action rather than reacting to events. 

3. Identify the components of your fear. (Rejection, failure, so on).

4. Neutralize the above components. Know and trust that If one of those things happen you can deal with it or you can find help with it. Don’t suffer it before it has happened. 

5. Build your self-esteem. Learn to like yourself.

6. Know that you can learn whatever you need to succeed at what you are afraid of-whether they are practical skills or emotional skills, you can master them if necessary. 

7. Believe at your very core that this can be done. This is not just for other people. This is for you. You are just as good as the next person.