Flatulence Fun “Facts”

Since today is National Pass Gas Day, it’s the perfect time for this list of The Top Flatulence Fun “Facts”.  



  • The way they always take the blame for flatulence is the REAL reason dogs are man’s best friend.
  • It has been scientifically proven that he who smelt it was indeed the one who dealt it.
  • Flatulence is 4% oxygen, 21% hydrogen, and 100% hilarious.
  • Without it, Eddie Murphy wouldn’t have made any money in the ’90s.
  • Passing gas is the best way to keep people six feet away from you.
  • Lighting your flatulence is a fun way to let others know you did poorly on your SATs.
  • Most of our farts don’t smell . . . despite Taco Bell’s best efforts.
  • Farting is the leading cause of cases of old men going to the ER for having fingers pulled out of their socket.
  • People who pass gas for a living are called “flatulists.”  Unless you ask their parents.  Then they’re just called “disappointments.”