Headlines You Won’t See in 2021

Who knows what 2021 has in store for us?  But we’re pretty confident it won’t bring anything on this list of The Top Headlines You Won’t See in 2021.


  • New Netflix Documentary Has Nothing to Do with Small Town Murder
  • Racist Uncle Learns How to Pronounce “Kamala”
  • Tom Selleck Admits his Reverse Mortgage Commercials Are a Total Scam to Rip-Off Old People
  • Ryan Seacrest Goes an Entire Week Without Getting Another TV Job
  • Mike Pence to Host GLAAD Awards
  • “Karen” Tops New List of Most Popular Baby Names
  • Alabama Walmart Shoppers Eagerly Embrace Mask Requirements
  • America Experiencing Severe Podcast Shortage
  • Republicans and Democrats Are Getting Along Great
  • Donald Trump Tells Supporters at Latest Rally:  “Admit It, Folks:  I Lost.”