Christmas Movie Cliches

If you watch any of the plethora of Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel or Lifetime or Netflix or Amazon, you may notice they tend to repeat some plot points. HuffPost has listed the cliches that all these Christmas movies recycle. You can check ’em off like a bingo card:

– Sad career woman
– Insane portrayal of a media professional
– Return to a small town
– Historic Inn or B&B
– Dead parent or spouse
– Reunites with an ex or a high school crush
– Kids beg their single parent to remarry
– Christmas bake-off
– Christmas wedding
– Christmas ball
– Christmas festival, concert or parade
– Royals (a princess or a prince)
– Bad attempt at diversity
– One legit famous actor you’ve probably heard of
– Rediscovery of the Christmas spirit

You know what else all those Christmas movies have in common? I’ve never seen any of them.