More Cute Names Kids Have For Things

Here are some more of the cute names kids have for things, as collected by the HuffPost Parents Facebook page:

– “Our son called Target ‘the circle and the dot store.’”
– “My daughter is almost 4. She likes to jump on my bed and scream ‘CANNIBALS’ instead of ‘cannonball.’”
– “One of my kids calls them ‘Melvin and the Chipmunks.’”
– “My 3-year-old refers to lemon poppyseed muffins as ‘freckled muffins.’”
– “My youngest called freckles ‘nipples’ for months when he was about 2 or 3. He once looked into my eyes and said, ‘Mama, you got nipples all over your face.’”
– “My kid just had to see ‘Shampoo’ the killer whale at SeaWorld.”
– “Turkey lunch meat was ‘white ham.’”
– “Pistachios are ‘Picasso nuts.’”
– “Spaghetti-Os are ‘Circle Soup.’”
– “‘Wood cream’ for whipped cream.”
– “‘Flat cheese’ for Kraft singles.”
– “When my daughter was 3 years old she started asking for ‘cheese pillows’ instead of ravioli.”

These kids are going places.  Not college, but places.