Texas Student Dons Hazmat Suit To Take In-Person Exams

You can’t take too many precautions these days. A high school student in Houston, Texas, recently showed up to Spring Woods High School’s campus in a full suit of personal protective gear after the school district mandated that virtual learners take their final exams on the school’s campus. Mason Kalkofen told KTRK-TV, “I’m having to go in a hazmat suit. That way I can protect my family.” His mother, Margarita, says she is at a high risk of serious complications if she contracts COVID-19.

The family says they asked the school to allow the teen to take his exams virtually, but the request was denied. Spring Branch Independent School District said that officials “offered the family multiple testing options, including the option of the student testing alone in a room with only one proctor present wearing PPE. The family refused all options.” They added that the Texas Education Agency guidelines call for students to take exams in person with a proctor present. The high school previously halted all in-person learning for two weeks in September when 12 positive cases of the virus were reported in a single week. (UPI)