Hollywood Icons We Lost in 2020

Deadline.com has a list of 10 “Hollywood Icons” we lost in 2020.  We’ve lost a LOT of beloved stars this year, so it’s definitely not a comprehensive list, so some people will be upset with it.

But here are the 10 “icons” they featured:

1.  Chadwick Boseman, 43.  He died in August.

2.  Kirk Douglas, 103.  He died in February.

3.  Kobe Bryant, 41.  He died in January.  (Sports icon, without a doubt.  But Hollywood icon?  Really?)

4.  Olivia de Havilland, 104.  She died in July.

5.  Naya Rivera, 33.  She died in July.

6.  Carl Reiner, 98.  He died in June.

7.  Regis Philbin, 88.  He died in July.

8.  Kelly Preston, 57.  She died in July.

9.  Sean Connery, 90.  He died in October.

10.  Alex Trebek, 80.  He died in November.

(Hit up Deadline.com to see their “2020 In Memoriam” video.)