Scotland Names Its Snowplows

Did you know that in Scotland, they name their snow plows?  Well, technically they name their “gritters” (Their name for snowplows because of the cinders and salt they spread on icy roads).

Here are some of the names of their gritters:

– Gritney Spears
– Meltin’ John
– Grit Expectations
– Gritter Bug
– Penelope Gritstop
– True Gritter
– Gritty Gritty Bang Bang
– Sir Salter Scott
– Snowbegone Kenobi
– Han Snow-Lo
– Luke Snowalker
– Darth Spreader
– For Your Ice Only
– License to Chill
– Ready Spready Go
– Snowkemon Go
– Sprinklebell
– Spready Mercury
– I Want To Break Freeze
– ‘Snow Bother

Makes you wonder—just how boring IS Scotland?