Signs that Santa Is in Financial Trouble

A website calculated that Santa’s salary this year would only be $157,300!  And there’s evidence that this low pay is making an impact on the big guy.  Here are The Top Signs that Santa Is in Financial Trouble.


  • Those giant bags in the back of his sleigh?  Packed with recyclables.
  • When he visits Tom Selleck’s house, he’s gonna ask him about a reverse mortgage.
  • He keeps asking the butcher at the North Pole to consider selling reindeer steaks.
  • Screw the good boys and girls, he’s just selling off all his PS5s on eBay.
  • Instead of cookies and milk, he wants you to leave him Scratcher tickets.
  • He’s renting out his workshop on Airbnb.
  • He’s replaced his elves with Chinese kids who work making Apple products
  • Rudolph’s nose is the only thing heating his house.