How To Succeed In Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution

The end of the year isn’t far off, and if you plan to make any New Year’s Resolutions science says there are ways to make it more likely you achieve them. Stockholm University researchers say if you rephrase your resolution from “I will quit/avoid…” to “I will start to…,” you’ll be more likely to reach your goals.

Professor Per Carlbring explains, “In many cases, rephrasing your resolution could definitely work. For example, if your goal is to stop eating sweets in order to lose weight, you will most likely be more successful if you say ‘I will eat fruit several times a day’ instead. You then replace sweets with something healthier, which probably means you will lose weight and also keep your resolution. You cannot erase a behavior, but you can replace it with something else. Although, this might be harder to apply to the resolution ‘I will quit smoking,’ which is something you might do 20 times a day.”  (EurekAlert!)