Don’t Replace Your Face Mask with a Scarf

Most people know this by now, but it’s worth repeating as the temperature drops . . . Wearing a scarf will NOT stop the coronavirus from spreading.

It might be tempting to use your scarf to cover your face instead of a mask.  But they don’t do a great job of blocking those tiny droplets the virus clings to.  Even scarves that are tightly knit aren’t a safe bet.  Because how snugly your mask fits is a big factor.  And we don’t really wear scarves tight against our face like that.

Recent studies have found wearing a mask doesn’t just protect other people if you’re infected.  They also give YOU some protection.  So you’re also putting yourself at risk if you use a scarf.

Obviously this doesn’t mean you can’t wear scarves at all.  Just make sure you wear them over your mask, not instead of your mask.  (NY Post)